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(QuickSearch ©®CronicCustomGames) is a program that brings an easier, more customized way to have an easy link to files on your PC, online images and websites. This program mainly targets Windows 8 users. Music, documents, downloads, videos, and folders can be easily searched on your own PC. By customizing commands for (QuickSearch ©®CronicCustomGames) to save, it relieves the hassle to locate any file on your computer. It also removes the struggle with direct online searches.
With up to 5 commands and 4 internal commands, the user can choose whichever files the user would wish to easily go to. (QuickSearch ©®CronicCustomGames) includes internal commands for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Task Manager. Another feature of this program, the user can choose which search engine he or she would prefer to search online with. The search engines include: Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and MSN. The user can quickly search for images or anything from just the desktop. Another emphasis on how customized (QuickSearch ©®CronicCustomGames) is, an image can be chosen for the background of the program.
(QuickSearch ©®CronicCustomGames) will bring simplicity and stress-free way to run your computer.

Default Gui with out custom image:
Custom Gui(you can use any picture you want):
Settings and Control Panel(Brain of the whole application):
Files that should be with the application and size and data:

Known Bugs:
1)Console Glitches when saving favorites and doesn't load them after application restart.

Bugs Fixed:

adding more futures such as, games, facebook apps, inbowser and more

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